> Well, the conversation between you and K. Gauk has been somewhat interesting, but this is just a game world. What a GM needs to do is make it _believable_ to his players. I think that the level of "realism" you and Mr. Gauk like to go for is great for you two, but is way more work than the average GM is going to want to put into this.<

Oh, I didn't say I *played* this way - I run a regular, blood-infested
BR campaign like the rest of you crazy listers! :P

I was merely trying to explore (or open up) a thought provoking issue
that would be interesting to see where it goes ... So, I implied I could
see this happening, not that it would or should.

(I confess, though, that I like 'stirring the pot' so to speak, as well
...) >:D

(How else are we going to explain those silly Adurians and Djaparans
with all their strange customs and noble practices, if not unblooded
people who can be regents and 'priests' (read physicians) that worship
dead gods?!?)

Darren (I guess you guys are biting after all )