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> I wonder, have I been arguing in vain ... ? Despite the current game
> mechanics, wouldn't a scienctific view, or a paradigm shift, be almost
> certain in Cerilia, given its current history?
> Cheers,
> Darren

Well, the conversation between you and K. Gauk has been somewhat interesting,
but this is just a game world. What a GM needs to do is make it _believable_
to his players. I think that the level of "realism" you and Mr. Gauk like to
go for is great for you two, but is way more work than the average GM is going
to want to put into this.

If we were to spend this kind of time on each and every culture, and on each
and every aspect of each of the cultures we would certainly have a beatiful,
carefully thought out world. But we would never have had time to actually run
the game...

Just my opinion,