>I submit to you:
>Would 1 priest or even the handful of character-level holders
>represented by a level 1 temple be enough to stop the spread of plague
>among hundreds of thousands of commoners across a culture within a
>month? Would not the overwhelming mass of non-classed unwashed
>desperately cling to another solution, one that would promise the end of
>suffering for those same hundreds of thousands and you didn't have to be
>blooded to make it happen (is bloodline a requisite for discovering the
>use of penicillin?

Let us consider the specific case you mentioned above. The Black Plague
destroyed the reliance on medieval science (Thomas Aquinas' notions of
rationalism seemed ridiculous in light of the plague) and ushered in an era
of tremendous superstition. The fascination with witchcraft begins, the
Jews are persecuted for their Kabalistic magic, and flagelation (whiping
yourself) was a popular form of submitting to God.

Kenneth Gauck