when I scion is slain with a tighmaevril weapon the tie with his land is
severed causing caos, and the killer gains 1/2 of his blood line
strength, whether he was originally blooded or not


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> Andrew wrote:
> >Well according to the way other bloodthefts work, a commener who
> kills
> a scion
> >with a thighmaevril (through the heart) does not become a scion. The
> idea that
> >an unblooded commener has a bloodline strength of 0 was a previously
> debated
> >topic. IIRC, the general result of that disucssion was that a
> scion's
> BL
> >strength could fall to 0 and therefor having a strength of 0 is
> diffrent from
> >having no bloodline. This is what I get from the books, kinda a
> technical
> >response.
> >
> >But due to the say...wonderous nature of tighmaevril, I would be open
> to the
> >possiblity of a commener becoming a scion with a tighmaevril weapon.
> IMO, a
> >commener who kills a scion with a tighmaevril weapon would still
> sever
> the tie
> >between land and king (heir gains no RP and domain uncontrolled). If
> >bloodtheft were to occur, the killer should only gain maybe 1/8 of
> the
> slain
> >scion's bloodline strength and the scion's derivination. I think
> this
> would be
> >an issue of the feel of a campaign, I wouldn't allow it in my
> campaign
> but it
> >is plausable.
> >
> the reason i asked the question is that in a matter of time my players
> will get transfered from Planascape to BR, but non of them feel like
> "throwing away" their PC's,now i know that cant be a big problem, but
> one of the PC's would li,e to play a regent in time, when he learned
> enought about BR, im just figuring out a way hot to get him/her
> blooded
> without losing the his/her character.
> thats why i came up with the idea tighmaevril
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