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    Tim Nutting

    Alternity (Almost Totally off-t

    Excellent. The rules are well written and decidedly fast. It is also not
    "AD&D in Space" like TSR's ill fated Buck Rogers XXV was.

    The Star*Drive universe is rather bland, in the way that the Forgotten
    Realms Campaign Setting is bland, but the recent review in Dragon put it at
    either four or six dots.

    The biggest problem is that of scale. There are no rules for big (BIG)
    ships. Corvette is as high as the basics cover. This weakened Star Wars
    (who's scaling system was FINALLY fixed before WEG went under) and it
    weakens Alternity. Still, the focus of the game is the heroes. The game is
    heroic in nature and playing more evil characters is discouraged, but not

    About the ignore thread? Microsquishy isn't that advanced, or they haven't
    stolen it... yet. :)

    Tim Nutting

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    Alternity (Almost Totally off-t

    I agree that it is an excelent system. Very versatile and easy ta learn. The
    scale is a bit of a problem for the big ships though. If ya use the predent
    ship rules a battlecruiser sized ship would take DAYS of combat ta even hurt
    as it would have tons of compartments that would each have ta be destroyed
    The StarDrive universe isn't bad. It's a bit generic, but that's good for
    the first universe ta play in. There's lots of politic-ing between the various
    stellar nations, and then all of the independants in the verge. The only
    thing that I don't like about the universe is that the alien races are so
    downplayed. Most are slaves (either in effect or in actuallity) or have such
    small power based that they are compleatly overshadowed by humanity. Makes
    playing an alien kinda like playing an elf in an Anurian BR campaign!

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