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    Jim Cooper

    My History of Aebrynis

    The Studlyest Power of All Birthright Enthusiastic Loyalists (aka ABEL -
    an exclusive club which just isn't open to everyone, but that I think we
    all should form!), Tim "The Man" Nutting wrote:

    > Oh Apprentice! My heart swells with pride! Know that the Holy One smiles upon Thee! Seriously, good job! I loved the detailed history, and I am still
    > half-working on my own. We'll see if I ever get my lazy rear end around to posting it! ;)<

    Gee, thanks! Heck, if I knew the response was going to be this well
    received by people on this list I would have posted more - I've got
    pages and pages and pages of this stuff just lying in a neat pile with
    my BR stuff! Man, the things you can get done when you live in a
    country where you don't speak the language ... I had to do something!
    So, what else should I have done but write a detailed background for my
    coming BR campaign? So I did!

    Just my luck, though, the BR went belly up the same time that I returned
    from working overseas with pages and pages of material just waiting for
    me to send in to TSR ... oh well, I'm getting good use outta them now in
    the second year of my BR campaign.

    Sorry guys for taking up so much bandwidth in personal lamentations and
    stuff ...


    (Oh, btw, that's _ DARREN _ Tim, not Jim.)

    Your Ever Devoted Apprentice Darren

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    Tim Nutting

    My History of Aebrynis

    >(Oh, btw, that's _ DARREN _ Tim, not Jim.)

    ummm... oops?

    later guys!
    Tim Nutting

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