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    Jim Cooper

    BR copyrights etc.

    Tim "The Man" Nutting wrote:

    > On a side note. If Birthright ever does really go away forever, perhaps a group of us should investigate acquisition of the Intellectual Properties Rights so that we can release our own legally? Just a thought. heheheh
    > the ever sadistic (ask my players) and massochistic->

    I'm all for that! Just say the word, O' Mighty One, and I'm with you!

    BTW, how much would something like that cost ... ? Ed? Do you have any
    idea? (Excepting the logistical nightmare of actually getting a game up
    and running to the printers)

    Darren (who follows his Master in sadism and masochistic tendencies with
    zeal, save much understanding ... :P)

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    Tim Nutting

    BR copyrights etc.

    From what I was able to glean from the boys at the SDS, it is not cheap,
    unless the company is going out of business. TSR is now WotC property, and
    they are going away like Microsoft is gonna dry up any minute now. The
    chances of us acquiring BR are very slim at best, none at worst. Still,
    doesn't stop us from trying.

    I'm content to let the situation rest for the next, say, ten years while
    they all get sorted out.

    Still, the only correct thing to do would be to invite Rich, Ed, Collin,
    Carrie and all the rest have a crack at it with us, especially since it was
    Rich's book "Kinglslayer" that spawned this world.

    BTW - Rich Baker: Publish Kingslayer! :) I know you are busy on
    Alternity, but I'd love to see the book that "started it all"! Miss you on
    the list, man!

    Tim Nutting
    resident brown noser :)


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