An other question that has rissen because of the BPEM is the effect of
war on loyalty. In the official rules there is absolutely no effect on
loyalty, unless you either win against an ancient enemy or when you used
levies in a foreign war. This seems fine, because soldiers knew what
risks they took when they took the job.
In RL though, forreign wars can have a huge influence on morale and
loyalty. A few killed soldiers can mean the difference between the
pressence of American soldiers or not. This effect can be so big, that
certain rulers concider it a victory if they shoot down just 1 plane.
Now I see in the PBEM armies that loose several thousends of men,
without any real effect. I am not a historian, so I do not know how the
relation between loyalty and wars was in the late medieval, early
rennaicance (spelling?). So that is why I ask what your opinion is on

Pieter Sleijpen