The Imperial Starfire game I refer to is a conglomerate of the recently
re-released Imperial Starfire 2nd edition by Task Force Games before they
went under like so many others. It has been modified by Sky Marshal, Sky
Marshal #2 (as written by the Starfire Design Group who purchased the IS
rights from TFG - and is now undergoing revision for SF3)

I loved playing Starfire. As much as I whine about the rules, I loved the
game. My problem was that I absolutely did not have the time to devote to
that sort of a game. I am a working professional with an average work week
of 50-60 hours, not to mention home and family duties. I get Maybe(!) six
hours a week for role-play, and an hour a night to do DM stuff. That is at
the expense of my writing career (temp on hold) and my sleep for the next
work day, like tonight.

The breadth and detail of Starfire was great, but if TFG went under and SSDG
doesn't last, it means the game doesn't work. BR hardly made it with the
rules it has, there is no way TSR/WotC will let an even more rulez intensive
game in. I'm sorry but I don't see it happening. If rules made it, they
would have bough SF instead of making Alternity.

On a side note. If Birthright ever does really go away forever, perhaps a
group of us should investigate acquisition of the Intellectual Properties
Rights so that we can release our own legally? Just a thought. heheheh

the ever sadistic (ask my players) and massochistic-

Tim Nutting (a.k.a. The Holy One)

Later guys and gals!!!