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Thread: Missing Days

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    Tim Nutting

    Missing Days

    All ye kind and semi-benevolent list members:

    Help a starving net-junkie.

    I've been absent for a few days because my mystic upgraded this magical
    service ye call email. Basing my thought on recent activity of this august
    body, five messages posted does not seem to quite account for the missing

    Be there an archive or database that has the last few days so I might catch
    up online somewhere?

    Yours in Humble Thanks
    Tim Nutting ;)

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    Daniel McSorley

    Missing Days

    From: Tim Nutting
    >Be there an archive or database that has the last few days so I might catch
    >up online somewhere?

    Daniel McSorley-
    Enter any 11-digit prime number to continue...

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