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Thread: Martial Law

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    Martial Law

    In When Night Falls there have been several rules discussions, one of which
    promted this question about occupying your own provinces. As I am fairly
    sure, occupying your own provinces is insigating martial law. To do so you
    must declare war on yourself. So in order to have your troops go out and
    partol the streets, you must spend an entire month in instigating martial law!
    Shouldn't it just take a Free Action (Decree?)? Has anyone given intelligent
    thought to this?

    - -Andrew

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    Tim Nutting

    Martial Law

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    Martial Law

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    Martial Law

    Also remember that military units can only count as law holdings

    Now, here is a somewhat modified scenario from what Tim gave, but it best
    illustrates my point.

    Regent declares war and occupies his own provinces in order to destroy a
    pesky guild. He has enough units to successfully suppress the full loyalty
    loss. The loyalty of the province immediately goes to poor. Next, after
    the unfortified holdings are destroyed, the regent stupidly decides to not
    attempt to raise the loyalty of the province, nor does he declare war again
    to occupy the province and have his units act as law holdings. At the end
    of the domain turn, the automatic -1 loyalty comes into effect, reducing the
    level to rebellious. But our tyrant has 100% "stranglehold" law holding
    that can ignore this loss. The loss still comes into effect, however, the
    normal repercussions for having a rebellious province do not occur. The
    loyalty is still rebellious, but nothing happens. Anyone ever shake a coke
    can? And then open it? What happens... everything goes boom.

    All it would take is just the right thing to make the province go into
    rebellion. The 1-2 punch of a free and domain agitate action that priests
    have is devastating... if it happens during the same action round that a
    regent occupies a province, there goes the entire province, directly into
    rebellion, regardless of units, lawholdings or whatever. The demagogue
    realm spell also rocks when it comes to this.

    Holdings regents, in order to survive, have to understand their position on
    the power totem pole. Without lands, they cannot freely raise any units
    other than mercenaries, and to the paranoid landed regent, any action can be
    assumed to be a provocation... Thus, they have to stick together and watch
    and defend each other's backs. Because when the fit hits the shan, having a
    neutral looking buddy can launch one or both of you onto a throne.

    End of Sermon

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    Tim Nutting

    Martial Law

    Very good statements, we bow to the High Priest of Domain Actions ;)

    Tim Nutting

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