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Date: Monday, January 11, 1999 2:00 AM

> [Dubhghaill argued that ] Edward Decree[d] "Protestant is the ONLY faith,
>any other is not following God and therefore punishable by death", Destroy
>all holding levels of non-Protestant religion (there's that action), ally
>those of Protestant following, die; Mary: Decree "Catholicism is the ONLY
>faith, any other is not following God and therefore punishable by death",
>Destroy all holding levels of non-catholic religion (there's that action
>ally with those of Catholic following, die.

These holdings were not destroyed. There was no settlement of the religious
question in England until late in Elizabeth's reign. It was her comprimise
(Protestant theology, Catholic cerimony) which gave her (and her allied
priest regent) the die roll adjustment neccesary to contest all the Catholic
holdings into destruction.

Further its is notable that this struggle (the English reformation) lasted a
long time (1533-1588). The rules as written tend to allow dramatic changes
very quickly. This can often create two kinds of situations 1) the game as
a dice shoot in which the survival of one's domain doomed quickly by a few
unlucky events, 2) the game as first strike wins. A brinksmanship campiagn
is fine, but it should be the choice of players and DM, not an unhappy
accident. Our era was slow and deliberate. Multi-generational wars and
other indecisive contests were the norm.

> During this time, there were some people fleeing England due to religious
>persecution, but not exceeding 10% of the population, surely. Few amongst
>the general populace actually changed their beliefs. Few, if any of the
>churches and holdings were burnt to the ground, they just changed hands, or
>the owners changed their minds.

Emmigration was not part of the English religious experience until America.
England, however recieved some immigrants (mostly Huguenots from France).
It is very true that holdings were physically destroyed, they changed hands
(or their owners changed minds, as Dubhghaill said).

> The numbers used in BR to describe the strength of a Regents hold within
>Cerelia perhaps should not be taken so literally. A castle/fortified
>holding(4) may be larger than a castle(3), but a castle(5) may be smaller
>still, by better designed. By the same token, a Temple(3) might be a
>medium sized cathedral, a small shrine in the mountains where the average
>ley person is a 5th level priest, or a temple-citadel where the deity is
>more than a trading name.
Excellent observation. One might even develope differences among the faiths
too. Haelyn and Avani (for instance) might prefer one great center of
while Erik and Ruornil might prefer many smaller places.

Kenneth Gauck