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    Pieter Sleijpen

    Occupying own province wrote:
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    Occupying own province

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    >> Unless of course they have 1 unit and destroy your holdings to 0 every time
    >> you rule them up to something.... plus guilds can only bid against other
    >> guilds I believe.
    >The problem is that occupying your own provinces makes it possible to
    >completely destroy the holdings of other persons. Not just to 0, but to
    >nothing. It happens in 1 action...

    Not true - it is to level 0.

    Read the rules in the Rulebook once more. In the section under warfare there is a small section about occupation. The statement is that the occupying armies may "reduce all enemy holdings to level 0" not destroy.

    You may only destroy a holding with the "contest" domain action.

    The occupation is also useless against a fortified holding. Per the rules in occupation in the Rulebook, you must take such a holding with the same siege rules that you use to take a castle.



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    Occupying own province

    In a message dated 1/11/99 4:35:06 PM Central Standard Time,


    Pg 67

    Occupying your own provinces

    A regent can use a declare war action to occupy a provience he already
    rules. he result is his option to destroy other regents' holdings in his
    Like any kind of occupation, the province siffers -1 grade loyalty
    adjustment for every domain turn that remains occupied.

    Now whatever do they mean by Destroy. Is it the same or different?

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