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    Jim Cooper

    The History of Aebrynis

    The Holy One wrote:
    > Imagine this for a campaign, (don't know how close it is to Essence of
    Evil): For some unexplained reason (to the players) the Shadow World
    begins to merge with the real world on a very large scale. Entire
    provinces are wholly subsumed and armies must be mustered to deal with
    plagues of undead. For the melodramatic, the players could be the only
    hope for the world when they are given a clue to the cause and set out
    to seek to eliminate it. If that wouldn't be a task to set the Imperial
    Chamberlain on your side!<

    O' Most Magnificent! You have proven your incredible insight yet again!
    How would you know of my campaign story arc without having such
    stupendous godly intelligence and foresight?!? No one can now prove
    that you are nothing but the Most Studly of All Creation!


    This is the story arc I am using in my "The Second Shadow War" campaign
    (that is 2 years in the running as of this month). I had lots of time
    whilst I was working in Korea, to think up a good BR campaign, and lots
    of time to deconstruct the BR material. Here is a small excerpt of
    some background material that I finally went with on this story arc, and
    the lead up to the explanation as to why the Shadow World to coming
    closer to Cerilia ...

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    Jim Cooper

    The History of Aebrynis

    Tommy Ashton II wrote:
    > I really liked your post, one the best in a while. I really liked the way it almost appears as a cycle through each time period. I am going to use your history in the the campaign as is a bit nicer than the Dwarf Cosmology writeup on the netbook. It also fit nicer as in my campaign I want to plan out a second Deismarr with the PC's becoming the gods and Eolele being a second Azrai or Azrai's unwilling dupe.<

    Heh - that is similiar to my intention. IMC Eloele will play a very
    special role during the coming Second Shadow War. You see, as
    descendant of Brenna, she has inherited a very special destiny. Since I
    rule that there are NO other gods in the BR pantheon except the *11* New
    Gods, I have expanded the existing spheres of influence of each BR

    You see, Brenna in my BR universe was not all she seemed, knew more than
    she let on, and was a lot more powerful than anyone suspected - even the
    other gods didn't realize the full extent of her power; I made Brenna
    also the Controller of Time and Fate in the Old Days. In fact, I
    modelled her a little after that (Roman?!?) god with three faces - one
    that looked to the future, the other the past, and the last the present,
    and that she had three sides: one good side, one evil, and one neutral;
    or like that Norse (?) goddess named Hel (?) that was half white and
    half black, and that is kinda how I would see Brenna occasionly
    presenting herself to mortals (perhaps her 'true' form?).

    Anyways, at the BoD, Brenna was not as self-sacrificing as history has
    made her out to be (then again, neither was Basaia - no, Basaia was
    always the practical goddess in my mind's eye). And Eloele has
    inherited the evil streak that was part of Brenna (thats the only way I
    can figure two neutral (good) gods puttin' out one nasty baby ...). Not
    only that, but each of the old gods, when they died, many of their
    secrets were carried along with the tide of bloodstrength that flowed
    from their death. This is why I think that bloodlines carry inherent
    attributes of the Powers from which they sprang. And because the
    champions of the old gods got more, they also 'learned' things that only
    each of the Old Gods knew, that they kept only to themselves ... And
    Brenna had many secrets ... MWUHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!

    > A question though, how did the Dragons (Drakes) assume a stance in the
    > first Monstrous cycle?<

    Like their creator, The High God, dragons remained (and still remain)
    apart from the normal and godly world. Dragons don't need to worship
    anything because they are a *part* of Cerilia, much more so than even
    the elves. They are even older than even the Old Gods, and thus are
    outside their influence. In fact, you can say that Dragons are a living
    representation/extension of Cerilia. The way I see it, dragons don't
    have bloodlines because - like has been already established - divine
    power just washes over them. So, because this divine struggle is
    beneath them, the Dragons ignored what was taking place around them
    because it concerned them very little. You could say that they are gods
    in their own right - the First of the First Ones.

    > Have you read the King of the Giantdowns and the Dragon Mag Vstave Peak article by Ed? They seem to indicate that the higher level Giants (cloud, storm) warred against the lower (hill, forest, etc..) and lost. In your cosmology did Azrai control the lowers? The Dragons diffently took part in this conflict. Was Azrai involved in the rise of the Vstave Peak dragon to prominence?<

    Yes and no. (Last question: "perhaps - never considered that part -
    good point; I bet he was." Maybe Ed could better answer you that one).
    And yes, Azrai messed witht the Giants, and did so absolutely. Azrai
    knew that they would be a threat to his coming plans of domination, and
    eliminated them. To me, Azrai is the Supreme Force of Evil in Aebrynis,
    and he is behind everything that goes wrong in this world! :P (well,
    next to me! I swear, ask any of my players, and that's what they will
    tell you!) :P


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    Tim Nutting

    The History of Aebrynis

    Oh Apprentice! My heart swells with pride! Know that the Holy One smiles
    upon Thee!

    Seriously, good job! I loved the detailed history, and I am still
    half-working on my own. We'll see if I ever get my lazy rear end around to
    posting it! ;)

    Tim Nutting

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