IMO, this product fails miserably to meet the standards set by the previous
regional products. Several large areas--the Mistmoor, the Icemarch, Tuar
Annwn, the Battle Fens, and Torova Temylatin--were left as practically
faceless wildernesses. A brief overview of the wilderness and a description
of the inhabitants was it. The provinces of the Mistmoor, Icemarch, Battle
Fens, and Tuar Annwn were neither named nor were ratings given, much less any
holdings. Guess we get to make it up.
The choice to split the realms into two books, one for the DM and one for the
PC, was IMO poorly thought out. Even if the PCs should not know much
information, all nations should have been grouped together--some information
should be known to neighbors, after all.