Since Tsr site has been scrambled by WotC, I noticed that there were far
less gamer friendly stuff on their web page.

I think that the idea of putting stuff online and free (for OOPS) was
great but now it seemed that WotC whacked all that stuff. Is there still
some OOPS things online I could get my hands on?

I have almost all the dragon magazines but to have the articles on my
computer and named helped because I could then easily get access to

It's great to be able to read stuff that's been made, even if its for
other worlds because I can take some good ideas in them and put them in
my own Birthright Campaign.

Anyway its a big disappointment to see that WotC does not support at all
TSR's customers and doesn't care about them anymore. Magic was the most
disastrous thing that happened to the rpg world since it exists.


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