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From: Pieter Sleijpen

>Shaun Hodgson wrote:

>> One more thing. Perhaps Nasri allows this evil, mage slaying temple to
>> exist so as to
>> destroy the Serpent, who did, after all, wipe out the last of her
>> people?
>> Shaun.

>Interesting thought, that had not crossed my mind yet. Then they should
>be working on that instead of allienating all neighbors and preventing
>the formation of an allience against the Serpent. I wonder if the
>fanatism is not the effect of the Serpents corruption afterall.

>Pieter Sleijpen

Perhaps the original reason for the temple in the area has been lost,
it now does as it pleases. If the temple does not find it's way, then it
may get
a visitation from the goddess.

As for your idea of an alliance in the area, I feel it would be doomed
to failure.
If the Khinasi regents combined they should be able to destroy the
serpent (eventually)
, however there are a lot of Awnsheilin (-sp) in the area and I do not
they would let themselves be picked off one by one. The bad guys in the
area are much
more powerful, and it is only the in-fighting that stops them from
taking over. I
believe that an alliance would be a catalyst for the bad guys to
partition up the
south east corner of Khinasi.

This doesn't seems to relate to the Star Goddess any more. Time for a
thread change?