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While I really like the idea of a diety undermining anothers holdings
are a few problems I kinda of see:


I like all of these and they add to the richness of the campaign.
But if you truly must have a new god to fill this role, then I would
a seduction of one of the "good" gods by Kresha, and the creation of a
power. This may not lead to the open conflict you stated above, but
squabbles could occur if the "victim" was Haelyn or Rournil, or even
(another player enters the love triangle), and the new god(male or
female) would
create new waves in an already stormy ocean.

4) Death fits perfectly into the pantheon of Nasri so no new
would be needed.
5) Nasri isn't always miss forgiving. In one of the published
adventures, I
believe the Curse of Azrai in the Legend of The Hero Kings, maybe in the
Khinasi sourcebook, when the PC go in search of a cure for the plague
Nasri, she is pictured as a bit vengeful.

Nasri, like the ocean she represents, can be unpredictable, savage, and
although I think her aspect is not malicious. But I think the big
question is, "Do the
gods shape the priesthood, or does the priesthood shape the faith"

One more thing. Perhaps Nasri allows this evil, mage slaying temple to
exist so as to
destroy the Serpent, who did, after all, wipe out the last of her