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    The Arrival of the goddess Shar

    On Mon, 4 Jan 1999, Pieter Sleijpen wrote:

    > For quite some time now, I have been wondering how it is possible that
    > the priests of Nasri in Ghamoura gain spells. Their leader has got an
    > evil alignment and their intollerance for other faiths also seems to be
    > unlike Nasri.
    While I really like the idea of a diety undermining anothers holdings here
    are a few problems I kinda of see:
    1) It is been saidonline that the Cerilian dieties are more open to
    alignments than other pantheon's. Look at Haelyn's acceptance of LE.
    2) Like I said, I really like the idea of a conflict between dieties, but how
    about Eolele (sp?)? Somewhere in the literature (sorry don't have my books
    here) there is already and example of a priest of another diety being given
    his spells by her instead of his stated power. She tries this too many times
    with the wrong dieties and presto we have a mess. Nasri could easily bring
    Haelyn to her side, Avani if I remember right is an ally of Nasri and enemy of
    Eolele according to the BOP. Laerme joins this group to rid her love rival.
    Kirche after a little persuasion and the chance to take down Haelyn a little,
    joins Eolele. Sareme joins her daughter with Ruornil and Erik staying pretty
    much neutral (though either could be pulled in).
    Nasri Sareme
    Haelyn Eolele
    Avani Kirche
    Laerme Ruornil (Maybe)
    with Belinik and Kriesha enjoying the whole mess. Each sides followers square
    off, have huge battles, reshape the Cerillian landscape, and the the Vos
    invade, hahahahaha!
    the trickster god is expelled from the pantheon to take up residence with
    Belinik and Kriesha where she starts to learn true unbridled evil and so the
    youngest god once again becomes the Shadow. (I know a bit Norse-based but
    could over a couple of generations allow the player characters to actively
    fight against the rising of the new Azrai!)

    3) Lets see, we have a god from another pantheon coming in and stealing
    worshipers other than gnolls or goblins. It would seem to me that this would
    constitute most of the Cerillian pantheon gathering together to expell this
    4) Death fits perfectly into the pantheon of Nasri so no new priesthood
    would be needed.
    5) Nasri isn't always miss forgiving. In one of the published adventures, I
    believe the Curse of Azrai in the Legend of The Hero Kings, maybe in the
    Khinasi sourcebook, when the PC go in search of a cure for the plague from
    Nasri, she is pictured as a bit vengeful.


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    Pieter Sleijpen

    The Arrival of the goddess Shar

    Shaun Hodgson wrote:

    > One more thing. Perhaps Nasri allows this evil, mage slaying temple to
    > exist so as to
    > destroy the Serpent, who did, after all, wipe out the last of her
    > people?
    > Shaun.

    Interesting thought, that had not crossed my mind yet. Then they should
    be working on that instead of allienating all neighbors and preventing
    the formation of an allience against the Serpent. I wonder if the
    fanatism is not the effect of the Serpents corruption afterall.

    Pieter Sleijpen

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    Tim Nutting

    The Arrival of the goddess Shar

    In reading COS, I kind of saw that young paladin in the back of the book on
    Ghamoura as Nasri's agent. She is there to lead a revolt against the
    corrupt church. A great campaign, really. I've been thinking about running
    it, but my own "return of Azrai" thing is well underway.

    I see the human gods as being somewhat afraid. They don't want another
    Deismaar, especially now that they have seen what it can do, and so they
    take pains to avoid each other on the Prime, and to avoid open conflict. As
    much as they hate each other, like Haelyn against Belinik, they don't want
    to fight directly. They'd much rather weaken each other by tossing humans
    back and forth and manipulating the field.

    I have a priest that keeps on asking for Haelyn to appear, and the next time
    it happens it's going to be Haelyn's Fist striking the impudent moron to the
    ground and handing his soul over to Belinik...

    Tim Nutting

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