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Thread: What if...

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    F J Hilbrandt Jr

    What if...

    A regent, last of his line, falls off his horse...

    1) He dies. :)

    2) His RPs go away. (Died of natural causes, with no heir.)

    3) His holdings are up for grabs. (IMO No king = anarchy.)

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    What if...

    What if... we started with Weekly Projects? The idea comes from the
    DarkSun list (I┬┤m not sure if they still do it but they certainly did it a
    few months ago).

    Every week a theme is chosen and everyone who whises to participate sends a
    mail to the list with his part of the "project".
    Examples of themes: Monsters for Hogunmark and Jankaping; Priest spells of
    Avani; Important NPC┬┤s of Muden; Emerging Awnsheghlien; Cerilian Character
    kits; An original example of a Source holding; Legendary artifacts from
    Deismaar; An ambassador in the Imperial City...
    And everything else you might think of.

    I┬┤m sure that if you guys decide to go forward with this our Netbook will
    become even richer (not everything will be netbook material of course, but
    I┬┤m sure good things will appear).

    So, What if... the first project is:

    Divine Fortune
    Derivations: Brenna Minor
    The character is blesssed with a trully divine luck. Just when the odds
    seem overwhellming(sp?) and there is only one shot to save the day, the
    scion with this power manages to do it.
    Twice a day, the character may add +4 (or +20% in case of a percentile
    roll) to any dice roll that determines success (Dmg rolls are therefore
    Characters with this power should be role-played (and DMed) as possessors
    of an incredible and supernatural luck (note that this should not give an
    unfair advantage to the character in case he/she is a PC).

    ICQ: 17080887

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