>From Trizt :
>As you have a paladin in the group, why not let an evil cult of some
>kind start to do dark rites in the kingdom and the only way to stop them
>is to get rid of their leader (a great demon, the players will not know
>this in the begining)

I like the cult theme idea. I'm really interested in making a cult of some
kind the major problem for the players in addition to a possible invasion
from Diemed (and other basic adventures off course).
I want to make the cult a problem for not just the paladin and cleric, but
also for the Lord or Medoere.
Any ideas?

OK try this: get his wife/son/brother/dear cousin (next in line for the
throne) seriously involved. Make the chosen NPC (let´s say, the wife) join
the Cult. It will make the Cult a lot more influent. Should the regent
ignore his wife´s sudden behaviour change (misterious absences, the
medalion she refuses to show, the fact she no longer prays to Ruornil, her
misterious continual headaches - no sex for the regent!) for long (which
should not happen) the cult will eventually make her kill the regent and
take over the realm (the cult wins).

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