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    Rules questions -Wraith

    A trade route produces GB equal to the average of the ratings of the two
    provinces it connects. For a land trade route, both the beginning and the end
    of the trade route must be in provinces where the person creating the trade
    route has a guild holding. For a sea trade route, the CotS rules do not
    require the same regent to control guild holdings in both the connected
    provinces, but the production of the trade route is limited by the carrying
    capacity of the ships devoted to that route.

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    Tim Nutting

    Rules questions -Wraith

    Okay... as promised.

    Thanks Memnoch for bringing me up to speed there. I was on my way to work
    and was in something of a hurry (I sure will be happy when we get an email
    server in there...)

    M is right, the part about income being related to guild levels is my own
    house rule. The book does stipulate province level. Still, I figure that
    the guild can be no more than the province level and tends to limit the
    number of routes.

    On a side note for potential guilders out there. I had a "High King" game
    running, and there happened to be two guilders competing. One wanted
    complex deals of % revenue and gold from this and that and wanted to work
    things out, etc. The other only wanted 1GB per route (max) and the regency,
    every other scrap of profit went to the landholders who had the other
    province. Guess who got all the trade routes.

    >The second question is about loyalty.
    >To whom does the loyalty rules apply?
    >I can see that loyalty rules are important to the ruler of a province, but
    >do it apply to other regents also? Like priests and their religions for

    Technical answer is that loyalty is only for the landed regent. It would be
    a logistical nightmare to track loyalty for every holding (and the instant
    you did it to PC's, YOU get to do it for all the NPCs.) If you devise a
    system that will work for holdings, then please share it with the list, I
    for one would be interested to at least read it.

    >Third question, diplomacy.
    > If two parts meet to discuss an issue, does both parts need to spend a
    >diplomacy action?
    >In my case the ruler of Ilien is traveling to Medoere to discuss an
    >alliance. I'm sure Mr. Aglondier needs to spend an action, sure. But do the
    >PC ruler need?

    Is your PC regent doing anything more than saying Yes or No? If he is, then
    he spends a diplomacy

    >Fourth question, army units and their owners.
    > OK, who in a province is allowed to keep army units? I'm sure this is up
    >to the ruler of the province, but is there any way a NPC regent can raise a
    >small army without being noticed?

    It is always very wise to get permission from the landed regent before
    raising armies on his lands. This can be considered either treason or an
    act of war, as they are his citizens that you are conscripting... "
    what right do you do this!?"

    >Fifth question, still army units.
    > On ā€œtable 21 basic unit typesā€ in the rulebook (p. 61) there this thing
    >called Req'ts.
    >What is that and what's those L's beneath? Does this have anything to do
    >with requirements for mustering that particular unit?

    The "L" is a require level of law holding if you are not the landed regent,
    as near as I remember. I beleive there are also stipulations for arming
    "chruch knights" and what not.

    >BTW: Have anyone made any low level realm spells?. All I have is the basic
    >box and I'm not about to buy more books for BR before I'm sure my players
    >like it. I'm also using most on my money on Ravenloft at the time, so I
    >really cant afford it either. Thanx again.

    Good luck... BR is on hiatus. if it ain't in the shop,
    it isn't coming. Sorry

    Tim Nutting

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