Hjelme wrote:
> Religious cults bring a few question to my mind.
> #1: If I should make the cult a religious one how would spell casting
> work. The religions in the book doesn't seem to fit my purpose at this
> moment, and I wondered if there where any other deities or powers that
> had the ability to grand spells?

Well, the Serpent in the Khinasi lands has got priests who worship him.
The few places these are named, there is no suggestion that they get
their spells from an other deity. The adventure in the Khinasi book
describes a priest with 4th lvl spells, so they do have an immortal
patron. Since you play so far away from Khinasi you can always decide
that the Serpent has made it to godhood. The Serpent looks like the
right kind of character for cults, since he seems to love sneaking and
manipulating from a distance. Of coarse you can always create a cult
based around Azrai (there are spellcasting priests of Azrai in the
Gorgon's Crown, so why not somewhere else?). You can also take an
existing deity and change the faith for that cult just so much as to
make it a villain. In the Khinasi lands for instance, there is a country
ruled by priests of Nasri. They are fanatics, who believe that all
wizards and magicians are evil and who also hunt down any priest or
worshipper of an othe faith. I think you could do the same quite easily
with Haelyn, who at least accepts evil priests.