From Trizt :
>As you have a paladin in the group, why not let an evil cult of some
>kind start to do dark rites in the kingdom and the only way to stop them
>is to get rid of their leader (a great demon, the players will not know
>this in the begining)

I like the cult theme idea. I'm really interested in making a cult of some
kind the major problem for the players in addition to a possible invasion
from Diemed (and other basic adventures off course).
I want to make the cult a problem for not just the paladin and cleric, but
also for the Lord or Medoere.
Any ideas?
Religious cults bring a few question to my mind.

#1: If I should make the cult a religious one how would spell casting work.
The religions in the book doesn't seem to fit my purpose at this moment,
and I wondered if there where any other deities or powers that had the
ability to grand spells?

#2: Are there generic good/evil clerics in birthright?

Thanx – Wraith

I would also like to thank Gary for the Web of deceit adventure. I'm
definitely gonna use it.

BTW: Is the any good BR web pages on the net other than the net book? I
haven't found anything worth finding?