> Bryan Bastilla wrote:
> I have heard a vicious rumor. I heard that Hogunmark was printed before
> TSR decided to halt the Birthright line. I also heard that some copies
> were given out at the last GenCon and also as a lure to join the RPGA
> (although not anymore). I would like to find a copy of this if possible,
> but don't know where to look.
> I would like to apologize ahead of time if this has already been covered.
> Alas, I just joined the mailing list.

I believe you are correct that Hogunmark was only offered as a promo item.
I got a copy through the RPGA. Unfortunately, I've never seen a copy for
sale anyplace.

For people looking for Birthright products, I recommend the following 2

Both list many BR products, including (between the 2 of them) all 3
campaign expansion boxed sets and even a Book of Magecraft. Their lists
are generally fairly up-to-date.