Jim Cooper wrote:
> My Woeful but Ever Faithful Servant wrote:
> > What is everyone's opinion regarding the Count of Muden & Melisande
> > Reaversbane?

The problem of the armies being to big is not only the case for Muden.
Wierech has got real problems in upkeeping its sizeble army and even
Danigau needs severe taxes to do it. Though of coarse the description of
Danigau states that taxes are high in Danigau. Without the Gorgon
support Kiergards army would likewise need to be reduced. This is not
only a problem in Brechtur though, it appears in almost every small
country on Cerillia. I asked one of the disigners about it and he stated
that it was done on purpose to give the non-adventuring NPC's something
to bring it closer to PC's level. I circumvented by making the same type
of rules, untill of coarse the regent can pay it. Then the other
benefactors will decide to stop paying.

> > And what's the thinking behind giving Kallen Pickbiter regency over
> > those Grevesmuhl provinces? (Thanks Tripp... missed that little bit
> > of info. See page 82 under Caliene Llwelyn). Why would humans
> > willingly submit to dwarven rule?
> HA, he's probably the sole voice of lawfulness in all of Brechtur
> north of Muden! :P I can see that happening (even the other way
> around - dwarves submitting to a very lawful human ruler).

Just take a look for Colier to see that dwarves accept the rulership of
non-lawful humans. This country just shows how proffiteble it can be if
the races work together. I think it is one of the richest countries in
whole Brechtur (and it is located north of Muden as is Danigau). As for
the lawfullness remark, I agree that that is the reason people accept
him as a ruler. A lot of people prefer a dwarf as a ruler above anarchy,
tyranny and banditism. Besides if the dwarf almost never show his rule
(so no dwarven laws) unless to protect his 'subjects' there will be no
one complaining.

> > As a final thought, what's the deal with the Swordhawk?<
> For my part, as DM IOC as well, I rule that the Swordhawk has enough
> problems other than building up a large enough navy to rule the Krak;
> namely The Gorgon! IMNSHO, the Swordhawk has two choices: 1) try to
> compete with an entire civ (about a dozen domains) that calls the sea
> its home and where every citizen probably learns to sail before they can
> walk, or (2) fight Ol' Rock Butt and his scum-bucket toadies (who, of
> course, *obviously* is as dumb as he looks cause I, the Swordhawk, have
> defied him for centuries!). Which would you choose? :P If I was the
> 'intellectually brillant' Swordhawk (naturally egotistical of course), I
> would choose the latter - why? Because I only have to fight 4 realms as
> opposed to a dozen, at a serious disadvantage.