I know many of you have heard of a new PbeM in the works. This PbeM
will combine Eastern Chronicles, Brenna's Blood Secret, Eramie's PBeM,
Rise Of Empires: Nanaki's Rjuvik portions, Rise of Empires: Khinasi, and
the Anuirean PbeM into one large, Cerilia-wide PbeM. The group of DMs
who who will be running this game have already come up with several
ideas in pursuit of making this game amoung the best BR PBeMs
available. We are not in need of any more DMs at the moment, except one
particular kind. This would be an Adventure DM who would strictly in
charge of running adventures that the regents take. The Adventure DM
could also help out in Khinasi with turns. We have a few things to ask
of all of you. First off, any people who are DMing a non-regent PbeM in
Cerilia are welcome to join our world, how exactly this would work
depends on how you run your game so please contact me (i'll forward it
to the rest of the DMs). Secondly, and more importantly, we ask for
your PBeM Wish List. Are there any things you'd really like to see in
our PbeM? Things you don't like in most PbeMs that we could fix. Cool
ideas you'd like to see implimented. Favorite parts of other PbeMs. We
eagarly await your ideas, complaints, and suggestions.

- -Andrew, War DM of Birthright PBeM: Shadows of Deismaar

Note: Please do not email any of us about joining this new game. We
have still not decided to restart or merge or exsisting games. We will
let you know when any new players can join.