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    Theres been a couple non BR products that have come out that I think
    could spice up the life of halflings however I am trying to figure out how
    much if at all they really fit.

    Deities&Demi gods- The halfling pantheon of powers is detailed in this
    though it is really for a forgotten realms campaign. Now I have always liked
    halflings in whatever campaign setting I have played in and while this
    source datails the "powers" for halflings specificly for FR I think with
    some toning down it could help halflings in any setting. The problem is that
    halflings while being special in BR not much was given about their religions
    etc. I suppose for BR they could be limited to the powers detailed there
    however halflings did come from elsewhere (the shadow world) before coming
    to caerillia so perhaps they could have brought their religions with them?
    Then it doesn't explain how their powers/pantheon fits with that in BR. I
    suppose they could have kept a low profile all this time...

    Domains of Dread-I just got this book the other day. It details the
    ravenloft setting (which has some sizable halfling populations in some of
    the domains). I would think this would make an interesting "shadow world"
    until if/when something detailing the shadow world for BR is released? It
    could make some interesting crossovers=)

    I am hesitant about bringing either of these products as is into a BR
    campaign. However of the 2 I think the Ravenloft thingie could be very
    interesting as its detailed and with some changes could temporarily be used
    as a shadow world substitute/source?=)

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    Pieter Sleijpen


    In the Havens of the Great Bay the religious believes of halflings is
    discused briefly. They seem to venerate the balance and it is argued
    that the spells are provided by Erik or Sera. There is no mention of the
    usual pantheon.

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