Hello All,

This post is in regards to the LETA website, which is now up and running.
We are currently conducting a contest where you can win $30 worth of credit
towards the purchase of your favorite RPG- more details below. For those of
you who are on multiple lists and receiving this post several times- I
apologize for any inconvenience that it may be causing you.
We currently have an auction running which has several RPG's, and there is
a little of everything on the site. More items are added on a regular basis,
so take a look- you may be able to pick up that piece or two that's missing
from your private collection.
"About Us" will tell you all about the business end of our site, and you
can place an order for us to do a search for any RPG item that you desire.
There are no costs involved in the search until you actually decide to
order- then our fees are added directly into the price that we quote you for
the product.
Check out our search list, and join our world-wide network of scouts who
help others find the products that they're looking for. Our search list
shows the items that we are currently trying to find for our customers. We
buy, sell, and trade items.
Targeted for the 1st of January, we will be having a monthly newsletter
with articles submitted by members of our online community, interviews with
various writers, designers, and editors of RPG's, and all of the latest news
that we can get you about the gaming community.
Take a look at the links section where we will be adding 6 k. worth of
links in the very near future- there are already many posted. These are all
free sites there for your perusal. We post both RPG, and topic-related
Finally, our Resources page will be adding several features for your
viewing pleasure. These will include dicebots for various chat programs, and
play. Programs to aid you in Mastering/Playing FRP's, the convention
calendar with dates, and information regarding the various RPG events around
the world. Lots of fun stuff will be in this section.
Now, for the contest. Anyone who joins our community (always free) by Dec.
31st, 1998- will be entered into a random drawing for $30 worth of credit on
RPG materials ordered through us. Your membership will allow you to
subscribe to our free monthly newsletter so that it is sent directly to your
e-mail box, and allows you to be informed of site updates as they occur. We
will be adding a gamer's directory so that you can find players in your area
as well. Registration into the gamers' directory will be added to the
memberships as soon as that is online.
Take a look and let me know what you think.


for all your role-playing needs
ICQ. 8004143