Randy Barron wrote:

> > This actually gave me an idea, and it is just that. In PS you
> > have proxies who have a spark of the power they serve in them.
> > This spark gives them some special powers and it all looks
> > very simular to bloodlines of Birthright. What would happen if
> > a blooded character would stab a proxy through the heart? Would
> > he be able to steal the divine power in the proxy this way? If
> > so, why don't the other proxies do this to others?
> Unfortunately, I do not think the "natural" process for Aebrynis
> would work in this matter. A normal blooded individual would be
> the "originator", as it were, of the divine energy and thus, once
> dead, would be incapable of maintaining a hold on that spark,
> allowing it to become free and thus seized by whoever is nearby.
> A proxy, on the other hand, received that spark from a deity and,
> in my mind, that deity retains a hold on it AND the proxy. Thus,
> instead of killing someone and gaining his power, the deity would
> reabsorb it, being FAR more powerful than the blooded person.

>From what I can tell there are two differences between a blooded character and
a proxy.

First, is that a blooded character's ability is tied to Aebrynis where the land
itself has been magically infused with the blood of the gods when they went
boom at Deismaar. I think it is debatable whether or not a blooded individual
could rule the same way he does on Cerilia if he were transported to another

Second, a proxy is "given" his powers by a god and those powers are
specifically designed by the god who grants them. Bloodlines are passed down
genetically and blood abilities are determined randomly. In a few sources in
the published materials it is strongly implied that certain families all have
the same blood abilities, but from what I can tell scions should have randomly
determined blood abilities even if they are in the same family.

Proxies don't collect RPs (though I'm working on a similar concept in my
Planescape campaign that works like the "Majesty" that I use in my Cataclysm
campaign) and I don't think they have the ability to collect them unless that
is something that the god who grants them their powers specifically wants them
to be able to do.