VERY well thought out.

> This actually gave me an idea, and it is just that. In PS you
> have proxies who have a spark of the power they serve in them.
> This spark gives them some special powers and it all looks
> very simular to bloodlines of Birthright. What would happen if
> a blooded character would stab a proxy through the heart? Would
> he be able to steal the divine power in the proxy this way? If
> so, why don't the other proxies do this to others?

Unfortunately, I do not think the "natural" process for Aebrynis
would work in this matter. A normal blooded individual would be
the "originator", as it were, of the divine energy and thus, once
dead, would be incapable of maintaining a hold on that spark,
allowing it to become free and thus seized by whoever is nearby.

A proxy, on the other hand, received that spark from a deity and,
in my mind, that deity retains a hold on it AND the proxy. Thus,
instead of killing someone and gaining his power, the deity would
reabsorb it, being FAR more powerful than the blooded person.

Of course, my thoughts also beg speculation as to this: 1> if two
individuals both blood-stole at the same time, which would get
it and 2> could someone cast the blood related birthright spells
on a proxy and gain information like that....? =)


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