On Fri, 27 Nov 1998 Whalejudge@aol.com wrote:

> While warding might disrupt things, logical NPC reactions should be there. A
> lieutenant is not going to sit in a tavern swilling beer while a mage attempts
> to sieze control of his liege's province. Nor will NPC nobles. The PC might
> have to deal with a Great Captain once the warding is gone, but one does not
> need to give orders to defend against an invader or raise levies to do so.
> Try everything possible to communicate with one's superiors, yes, but don't
> just sit there.
> For example, I've ruled IMC that only individual PCs can command their armies
> and fleets in the absence of a negotiated treaty. If a player isn't present,
> his armies will defend--but not attack. NPCs will rush troops to meet a
> border crossing--but won't cross the border themselves.

This is exactly my thoughts on this dilemma. And its a very good reason
why a feudal system might be consistently maintained in face of increasing
technical and economic advancement that in our world signalled an end to
feudalism. When there is a very real threat that a province might be cut
off from communication from its regent, it makes sense to ensure that
there is a clear source of authority who is capable of taking up the
regent's cause when necessary.

Mark VanderMeulen