I just had an idea concerning RP collection for non-blooded regents outside of
BR. This is just my idea. Maybe it sucks, I dunno. But I had to write it down
and try to get another opinion. It is for the Player's Option system.

A regent collects RP equal to half his domain power with the additional

Each level above 5th: x1.05
Administration Proficiency (as PO:S&M): x1.6
Bureaucracy Proficiency (as PO:S&M): x1.2
Per point of CHA/LEA above 14: x1.05
Per point of prof. check improvement over 14 in Admin or Bure: x1.05

Each two years spent as a full time regent adds +1 to a regent's Admin or Bure
check (player's choice).

- -Andrew