I spotted Gorgon's Alliance, the Birthright computer game, on sale at
target for $9.99, so did some of my Christmas shopping early. Gave a
copy to a former player of my now hibernating (or maybe moribund)
realms campaign, and another to a Shadowrun DM (who both looked
delighted) as part of proselytizing campaign.
Hope is that if they like the game enough I might get to run
(or play in) a Birthright campaign (after the current epic shadowrun
saves the world or causes us to roll up new characters ...)

Gorgon's Alliance was still on sale for $15 at Sierra's home page.
You might want to do your own mini-relaunch campaign with selected
gift giving campaign. Regardless of what WoTC/TSR do, you might
enhance your chance of finding/creating more BR players.