My Ever Faithful & Wise Servant (who sometimes forgets that he is my
lackey ) wrote:
> "Majesty" ! That is the term I have been looking for!

Moi aussi!

> I can know sleep at night! :)

Ahem to that! Here, here! :P

> I agree that a character's relative class level should have some bearing on his ability to rule, but at the same time, I think the King of Furyondy could be just as good a King without ever having twenty years of adventuring under his belt. Besides, Royal families likely didn't send the heir apparent off to slay fiends and ghouls anyway, that's what the Royal Knights of Myth Drannor are for! (A not so subtle stab at FR....) :)~

I don't (but thats just me & my little opinion) for the very reason you
state above. But, whatever ...

> In reply to the most magical fun-ominous Master of Arcane, Darren

heh. Don't forget 'Illustrious' and 'Supremely Munificent'! Tsk, tsk,
apprentices these days ...

> (and a Canuck to boot!)

But of course! I wouldn't have it any other way! Well, maybe if I was
an Aussie or Kiwi ... Hey, mates! Do you think that Australia could
handle a guy like me!?! Or is that why you guys call it 'The Outback',
a place for guys of my great character to hang out in with dingos and
kangaroos (animals of my own stripe)? :P

>(though i still haven't found out who "Jim" is...)

Ha! I shall never reveal my secret! NEVER! Mwuhahahaha.

> there for game balance I think. If I understand correctly, a low bloodline reflects the characters inability to adequately rule (represented by all those excess & wasted RPs the domain generates).<

Too true, too true. The problem is ->

> Perhaps it is up to the Dm to play this up in the game
> somehow.<

That. Just exactly how are we DMs to do that and reconcile everything
that is implied under the Regency section of the Rulebook and the BoP.
However, I think I've found a way! Did I post my revised view on
regency (after my uplifting experience from the Most Noble Tim and His
Words of Wisdom?) I forgot if I did or not ... Old age ...

> Unfortunately, the game does not really reflect this line of thought well, as the extra RPs are simple dispersed, and life goes on normally for all involved.<

Again, my apprentice has cut right to the heart of the matter. I'm so
proud! :P I believe we need to either define it one way, or the other;
I don't think there is any middle ground when it comes to RPs and

Oops, time to watch B5. Cya!


> "Even the Spider has something to say if you listen long enough."
Yea: "Lunch time!"

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