This happens a bit in "Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance". I usually;
1. hire archers within the warded province - Skeletons move slowly, and
eventually the volleys of arrows destroy them.
2. contest the sources that are being used for the summoning
3. send an army to deal with the wizards lands - if he /she has any - just to
keep the wiz busy
4. send an assassin to deal with the offending wizard.
5. either wait for the warding to dissipate, or use 'dispel magic'


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>I'd like to hear your comments (and suggestions for countering) on
>the following strategy:
>1.Wizard casts Warding in desired provinces.
>2.Wizard casts Legion of Dead/Summoning, occupying the provinces.
>3.Wizard takes over the provinces, with their rightful regent
>having no chance to do anything against it because of the Warding.
>4.If Warding runs out (and it generally lasts for a long time),
>wizard re-casts it.
>While obviously the wizard has to have some gold for all the
>spells, in general he can quite easily take over 2-3 provinces in
>this way, without meeting any physical opposition.
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