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It all depends on your view of how gods become greater/lesser/
demi gods. In most of the games I've played in a demi-god is often
the creation of one or more gods that may or may not involve
a mortal. Hercules would be an example of one of these.

The discharge of the old gods' power and it's absorption by the new
gods would seem to fall into this area.

Over time however it is possible for a demi-god to move up the ranks
of godhood. from demi to lesser to greater. This requires that the
new god have a following from which to draw power and time. It would
seem to me that the gods of Cerilia have had the time to move up and
have the following. With the lack of any other gods they
could move up freely without the worry of being knocked back down
by a bigger boy on the block.

The book also lists stats for the Avatars of the each god. As
a rule demi-gods don't generate Avatars, especially ones of the
level of power listed in the book.

So I would have to agree that the gods of Cerilia are more than just

ho by the way... is any one working on any update info for the
core rules 2.0 for birthright?