I recognize fifteen specifically dwarven gods, as well as Nerika (Nesirie),
Lirorn (Ruornil), Avani, Lara (Laerme), Krestal (Kriesha), and Alanek
(Belinik) IMC as viable dieties for dwarves.

Nerika has a few shamans along the Khurinlach, and is recognized a the
mistress of the sea.
Lirorn has some shamons among woodsman and astrologers. His emnity with the
Shadow is highly regarded. Otherwise, simply the personification of the
Avani is now worshiped, but is reconized as the personification of the sun.
Lara is understood as the flame inside the forge, and is thought to be a
servant of Moradin.
Krestal can lead dwarves away from Moradin. She is allied with Abbathor and
Alanek is not worshiped, but his name is invoked by the desperate in a blood

There are also some lesser Cerilian demigods I have added which some dwarves
acknowledge as having mastery over disease, the seasons, and such limited

Basically I take a Roman view to religion, envisioning hundreds of entities,
some which were not at Diesmaar, others which came to the fore after

Kenneth Gauck