> The other thing to keep in mind is that it is possible that they are using RP
> increase their bloodline. It seems unlikely that Avan would spend 71 RP to
> raise his bloodline, but I think that is because most of us are coming at it
> from the point of view of someone who has much less bloodline strength, who
> rules a much smaller realm, who does not have vassalage agreements like
> and who may not rule as long as he expects to. Avan could easily collect 100
> RP/domain turn from his own holdings and those of his vassals. If he sits on
> the throne for twenty years he is going to collect 8,000 RPs.

As another alternative Gary, rather than passing on one's bloodline, when you
collect as much RP as Avan and Boeruine, why not save up a really big chunk so
that when your children start to come of age you can give them lieutenants'
assignments, small holdings to begin ruling, and flood them with your saved RP.

To lose my bloodline to a child "when I'm finished" would be like cutting of my
arm. Sure, I'd do it to save my child's life, but I'm having a little bit of
trouble making the same justifications. If that child ever went off and did
anything foolish, I would be a bloodless commoner, with no ability to save my
people and former kingdom, no ability to resume control if murder was

The alternative method takes time, but if Anuireans judge more on ability than
on the order of descent (as demonstrated in Roesone, Illien, Elinie, and
several others), then it would stand to reason that the child must prove
herself before being allowed a crack at the throne.