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This link leads to a 42kb Word 6.0/95 document that I have been working on
with this topic in mind:

Comments are certainly welcome.

Other documents from my Real-Life campaign can be found at:

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It seems to me that the bloodedness and the way it passes is pretty shallow.
That is if only one generation exists, and there is very little transfer the
rules work pretty well. But if you try to envision how this system works
over several generations its obviously not designed for that.

In a sense the very fact that they present so little family in the game,
when it is perfectly reasonable that some campaigns may become very dynastic
prevents us from guessing at how this ought to work.

One problem we have is that several of the rules are clearly designed to
prevent abuse, not to convey a sense of realism.

Gary brought up an example of that when he pointed out:
>... the rule about investiture that said if an heir is blooded the
investiture has the
>same effect as an act of bloodtheft. If Boeruine transferred his
bloodline to this
>child through a bloodline investiture, the child's bloodline would go up to
>That seems pretty silly considering he could transfer it to an unblooded
>who would get all 60 pts

I think they are attempting to prevent players from passing their bloodlines
around to each other before dying, or going on suicide missions, or what
have you. IMO, if there are two players Alan and Byorn, with bloodlines of
60 and 30 respectivly, if Alan wants to surrender his bloodline to Byorn,
then Alan has no bloodedness and Byorn has 60 pts, and presumably the rights
and titles &c &c of Alan. If Corwyn has 34 and Byron has 30, then Corwyn
can give up his line to make Byron go from 30 to 34.

But even then I see room for abuse. Lets say Danton has 30 blood points and
a son who has inherited his 30 blood points (thanks mom), and when Danton
retires he gives his bloodline to an unblooded lieutenant. Well you can
certainly say the newly ennobled lieutenat leaves the campaign (goes off to
the Giantdowns or whatever). But it raises an important question: are the
ablosute number of blood points growing in Cerilia?

Or is there some formula maximum (Provinces*5)+(Sources)?

The rules either seem to permit to rapid a growth in bloodedness, or make
increases unreasonably difficult. Since bloodedness seems to be so
essential to the social setting, its hard to envision how the society
operates without a better understanding how the bloodedness business works.

Kenneth Gauck
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