I might be interested in running a mission in the Birthright campaign
setting. If you could send me some more information I would be
greatful, I'm a student at olivet college in michigan, but me and some
friends may come down, to PA thats were my dad lives.

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> Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - MISC: GMs Wanted!
> Greetings.
> I'm the RPG coordinator for MonCon '99, which will be held on March
> 19-21st 1999 at the Holiday Inn in Tinton Falls NJ. In that capacity,
> I'm looking for GMs (and players, too) for RPG events at the
> convention.
> Our pre-registration book will be going to the printers soon, and many
> of our tables are already filled, so if you are interested in GMing an
> event, the time to sign up is now!
> If you're in the NJ/NY/PA/MD area, and think you'd be interested in
> running such an event, please contact me -OFF-LIST- and I'll give you
> more specifics.
> We already have over 30 AD&D events scheduled, many RPGA events, but
> only a few world-specific events at this time. I'd still like to see
> events featuring Al-Qadim, Birthright, Dark Sun, Dragonlance, Greyhawk
> (the only Greyhawk event currently scheduled isn't an AD&D event!),
> Mystara, or Planescape. Help us make this our best convention ever!
> Thanx for your time...
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