I wanted to know how the several cultures on Cerilia would think about
illigemate childeren and how they would react if it became public
knowledge. I know that for the Khinasi an illegemate child would be a
serious breach of sayim. So if that would become public knowledge that
would have severe effects on the loyalty of provinces (especialy in
places like Ariya, Khourane and Ghamoure -priests of Nasri must stay
celebate-). Or would it only have roleplaying effects?
The Vos probably wouldn't care for the role of the father, but how do
they react to mother? Offcoarse when the father or mother is married
this might turn rather bloody when the family finds out. I am even more
at loss with Anuirie and the Brecht? So any suggestions?

By the way, am I the only DM who is missing the mariage part in ruling?
None of my players (table top and PBEM) ever thought about it or when
they though about it, it was purely love. Was marriage not a very
important diplomatic thing? Something to stop fueds or make a country
stronger? If Avan and his arch rival intermary, wouldn't the resulting
offspring have a much larger chance for the Iron Throne?

Just some thoughts.