> Last night it occurred to me that the reverse of this scenario could
be a
> pretty hilarious/bizarre gaming situation. If a member of the
> Gheallie Sidhe
> were captured while raiding human lands, wouldn't it be funny if
> he were tried,
> convicted and sentenced to be polymorphed into a human? If such
> an elf were
> polymorphed into a human and the Polymorph Other spell effected his age
> directly rather than relatively he would be transformed into a
> 100+ year old
> man and probably just croak right on the spot.
> But wouldn't it be more fun to polymorph the GS elf's body into that of a
>human, leaving his mind intact. If he doesn't go mad and kill himself, where
>does he go? He can't go back to his people, they'd kill him, he couldn't
>living amongst the humans, and he would only have loathing for those elves
>would allow a human to live with them.
> Or for some quick justice use the above, but use suggestion or hypnosis to
>think that he still looked like an elf and had managed to elude the
>and then release him in GS territory.

Thats horror beyond human comprehension!
Wicked punishment LOL

Siebharrin the Lich