From the keyboard of Gary V. Foss

Last night it occurred to me that the reverse of this scenario could be a
pretty hilarious/bizarre gaming situation. If a member of the
Gheallie Sidhe
were captured while raiding human lands, wouldn't it be funny if
he were tried,
convicted and sentenced to be polymorphed into a human? If such
an elf were
polymorphed into a human and the Polymorph Other spell effected his age
directly rather than relatively he would be transformed into a
100+ year old
man and probably just croak right on the spot.
But wouldn't it be more fun to polymorph the GS elf's body into that of a
human, leaving his mind intact. If he doesn't go mad and kill himself, where
does he go? He can't go back to his people, they'd kill him, he couldn't stand
living amongst the humans, and he would only have loathing for those elves that
would allow a human to live with them.
Or for some quick justice use the above, but use suggestion or hypnosis to
think that he still looked like an elf and had managed to elude the humans....
and then release him in GS territory.

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