> Craig Greeson wrote:

> > OK, how do these normal maximums work out for selected realms in Anuire?
> > Avanil: 6 Knight units
> > Boeruine: 6 Knights
> > Ghoere: 8 Knights
> > Diemed: 4 Knights
> > Roesone: 1 Knight

Pieter A de Jong wrote:
> I'd have problems with these numbers, as I see Avanil and Boeruine as
> the
> primary contenders for the throne. I would expect them to have more
> noblemen and therefore more units of knights available than the evil
> baron of Ghoere.

I would certainly agree with you that Avanil and Boeruine are the primary
contenders for the Iron Throne. I don't think that should preclude Ghoere
from having more knights, however. Ghoere, IMO, is the most populous realm
in Anuire, and it also would seem to have the most nobles. It has 7
provinces with population levels of 4 or more (the min. for raising a
knight unit), Avanil has 5, Boeruine only 3. If I recall correctly (it's
been a while since I tried to calculate it) Ghoere generates more taxes in
an avg. domain turn than either of the other realms. Finally, Ghoere's
militant nature would indicate that nobles in the realm would be expected
to offer their services to the realm's army. If they didn't, they'd likely
find the Iron Guards paying a visit to their lands and instilling a new
noble family. This emphasis on the military would also virtually insure
(IMO, of course) that all Ghoeran nobles would have the ability to fight.
This might not necessarily be the case in the other 2 realms.

Avanil and Boeruine, however, are more powerful than Ghoere when you look
at the whole scheme of things. Both realms have at least one vassal or
near vassal state (Taeghas and Talinie), and they have religions that are
largely their puppets (the WIT and, to some degree, the NIT). Avanil and
Boeruine, unlike Ghoere, have come to realize they can gain more through
shrewd political maneuvering than through threats and blatant military
tactics. The other realms surrounding Avanil and Boeruine are not
necessarily opposed to their political ambitions, unlike all the realms
surrounding Ghoere.

Most importantly, however, the Avan and Boeruine families have bloodlines
that put Tael's to shame. This fact, more than any other, virtually
assures Avanil and Boeruine's superiority. The domain power of Ghoere is
massive, but it far exceeds the regency its ruler can claim.

Just my 2 GBs