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    My group still plays 2e so please try and give a 2e equivilent if you answer with 3e jargon.

    1) What happened to Ghoigwnnwd?

    2) What elven nation was Ghoigwnnwd from?

    3) Does your gaming group give any unique properties to tighmaevril? If so what? House rules welcome. For example, in my group it was ruled that the magic of tighmaevril could "evovle" under extreme circumstances. Like when it would make the difference between life and death or something else along those lines.

    4) Does Ghoigwnnwd have any official descendents in the current D&D setting?

    5) Has anyone ever designed Ghoigwnnwd as an NPC? If so where can I find it?

    6) If you, as a DM, had a player who wanted to try and make tighmaevril, what requirements would they have to meet? Pretend that you would let them if you wouldn't. This is aside from having the various smithing proficiencies and have large amounts of experience in using them.


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    G created tighmaevril over 2000 years ago, which is at the time the Masetians arrived or even before their arrival. This means, that it was at a time, when most of Cerilia was in fact one huge forest elven kingdom. The modern elven kingdoms did not exist as separate realms but where one and the same... Queen Tuar was in charge of everything, if I am not mistaken...

    There is no info on what happened to G, but I assume he was killed at some point, since there are no newly created weapons and therefore he must not be alive any more...

    I don't use any special rules, other than the bloodtheft ones. However, every tighmaevril weapon is rather powerful... It has had 2000 years of being enchanted by several mages... All of these weapons are pretty unique and I treat them as such...

    There is no mention of descendants of G, but the creator of the Rings of Ley actually made one ring using tighmaevril, so she must have some connection to G. The book however suggests (but is not clear about it) that she lived during an era much later than G, since apparently, there were already human-elf wars at her time. Still, the book indicates that she too has been killed, otherwise we'd have more ley-rings

    I haven't ran across any G character sheets...

    I wouldn't let anyone make tighmaevril. Since you ask us to say what we would require, even if we disagree, I'd say that I would require 5-6 elements using the Complete Book of Wizards tables. (they return some weird results like "the silence of a flower" etc and then you make adventures etc about these cryptic elements) So, I would have the PCs go to 5-6 adventures gathering the elements and then I would require some very specific sacrifices on their part... It cannot be in the form of blood, since G didn't have a bloodline, but it should be something very important to them.... You might as well consider the possibility that only elves can make the alloy and they need to give up their immortality in the process, or that G had found some way to manipulate mebhaighl itself, but it aged him terribly and guess what, turns out that the elves are NOT immortal, buit they die when they reach 20.000 years or something Of course, I would require some heavy magic cast in the process of the alloy's creation... I'd say you'd need at least 8th level spells...

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    There's no information on where he was from or how long he lived or even what happened to him.

    In a campaign I ran, I hinted at his fate and what happened to him, but it was never entirely resolved. Aside from the metals used for the alloy, he used a magical hammer and a magical forge to create the tighmaevril and then later broke them into pieces and hid them before he himself dissappeared (gone into hiding in the Shadow World before the Cold Rider came, where, in fact, the Cold Rider eventually killed him).

    The only way I would allow the secrets of tighmaevril production to be revealed is at the end of a suitably epic campaign involving the need for powerful weapons to stop the second coming of Azrai or some such thing.

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