Tim Nutting wrote:
> Only the occasional sacrifice of a nubile elfin virgin (of the female variety mind you) every other month or so. You see, I have learned from the playtesters, and don't desire 100 cocker spaniels.<

Oh, Your Worshipfulness, you are too modest! Only one every second
month?!? I am humbled by your constraint! :D

> Just kidding.<

Oh. Alright. You sure about that? I just happened to have two very
fresh .. er, enthusiastic young things right here ... but, alright,
since your were only kidding, I guess I'll just have to see if I can't
get them to download their 'software' onto MY hard drive ... hehehe. :D

Mwuhahaha. :) (Hey - Mark VanderMuelen started this ...) :D

> Actually, if you guys thought that book was confusing, you should have read 1st edition Star Wars

Really? Which parts? Actually, I thought those 2 books were very well
thought out. But, then again, I'm a SW fanatic, so my feelings are
somewhat bias I suppose. I even like SW more than I like
Birthright. :D

Darren "Mr. Groovy 70's dude - NOT!" Cooper :)