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    Jim Cooper

    Randax on Regency, the return o

    Randall W. Porter@6550 wrote:
    > I agree with the call for an attempt on concensus. I made this call previously and was riddled by "free thinkers".<

    Heh. Tell me about it! Well, together, along with the rest of the
    non-lurkers, we will make this list more responsive!!! :)

    > I just think it would be a good discussion to see if we could make a "majority rules" type decision on some topics. If you then dislike this suggestion, you are of course free to ignore it. We're pretty evenly divided on some issues- at least as far as actual posters go (ie lurkers not included), but I think we could get somewhere on Regency. I took the liberty of re-editing a post with different emphasis:

    Drat. Just when I had it all figured out, Randax gets me going the
    other way ... :)

    > I think it's both. After his conversion to the Way of Tim, I'm sure that isn't what Mr. Cooper wants to hear. Think of Arthur as protrayed in Excalibur. This is what the designers (and myself) had (have) in mind. The Regent has a mystical
    connection to the land sure- he needs it to be the true king- er,
    Regent. But he doesn't sit on the throne mentally willing things to get
    done to spend RPs, nor does he perform some type of vulcan mind-meld
    with another regent to transfer RPs. Does this make sense? A Regent needs a bloodine to instill the confidence (no more caps- please!) and trust, or perhaps
    traditional oaths of fealty, needed to rule. This connection to the
    land and its people is mystical, invisible and, in
    story terms, somewhat immeasurable. In game mechanic terms it's the RP
    score and collection/expenditure process.

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    Randax on Regency, the return o

    In a message dated 11-05-1998 2:29:12 AM Central Standard Time, writes:

    > Now taking both arguements, I can see the answer will come down to
    > defining where RPs come from - is it the Land or is from those you rule
    I think it is both, depending on the type of regent you are. I also think
    that the BR rules attempt to take both of these types of regency and blends
    them together (whether that was a good idea or not is another topic...) to
    allow all regents to do the same kinds of things. It's a simplification, and
    like all simplifications, there are some strengths and weaknesses to doing it
    this way.

    Why do I think it is both?

    1) Regency from those you rule. In temple, law, and guild holdings, I see
    regency power derived from your "followers", in a way similar to how gods gain
    power from their followers. For law holdings, its the respect/fear. For
    temple its the power of belief. From guild its fear/desire to make money.
    Perhaps the game designers thought that since in this fantasy frame, where
    gods derive power from followers and regents had god-derived abilities, they
    should be able to use this power to allow them to rule in a "god-like"
    fashion. And you have to admit spending extra RPs here and there really helps
    the success rate.

    2) Regency from the land. Province & Source holdings seem to also provide
    this same type of power. This appears to be alternately provided by the
    nature state of the land (sources) or the total combine sentient life residing
    there (provincial). The curious thing is that Province power is provided
    whether the people there respect/fear/follow the ruler or not (i.e. even if
    the ruler has no other holdings there). This may or may not be anything more
    than a game mechanic to give more power to landed regents. Either way it all
    suggests that there is _also_ an inherent mystical power of regency in the
    land itself.

    Thus, I feel I can say that regency is a fairly undefinable (amorphous) thing
    that is primarily mystical in nature, and provided by and governed by the
    Land, its People and the regents interaction with them.

    "Lord Randax on Regency" might be considered "Lord Randax on the Steroids of
    the Gods".

    Another bone to gnaw on,
    Dustin Evermore

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