Gary, having read your latest post, it seems to me that you are willing to
take ideas from whatever source seems fertile. If that is so then consider
how certain ideas from the past (though plainly false) might enrich
someone's role play. Since were all here to talk about a game, lets keep
focused on how someone's ideas can improve the game. Cetainly divine right
is a silly notion (based on other silly notions) but its a workable system
(I claim no more than it works, I didn't say how well) and it might be
worthwhile to examine some of those ideas for use in the game, becuase good
ideas are where you find them. So what if people were wrong to think that
rubys were lucky, or bat's guanno was a powerful healer? Why should that
prevent me from importing it into my imaginary campaign world?

Personally I would love to find a treatise on how to alchemically produce
gold. I'd definatly try to convert it to the AD&D system for use in my
campaign. None of which should make anyone think I believe in alchemy.

Kenneth Gauck