Well, It seems I've returned (if only for a short time) just in time to get in
on "concensus building" in regards to regency. I've read a few weeks worth of posts, and I'm glad to see you folks
have been busy.

I agree with the call for an attempt on concensus. I made this call previously and was riddled by "free thinkers".
"My campaign is my campaign." they said "You (or this list) can't tell me what to do."
How true. I just think it would be a good discussion to see if we could make a "majority rules" type decision on some
topics. If you then dislike this suggestion, you are of course free to ignore it. We're pretty evenly divided on some
issues- at least as far as actual posters go (ie lurkers not included), but I think we could get somewhere on Regency.

I took the liberty of re-editing a post with different emphasis:

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While many scions and awsheghlien wander Cerilia with noble heritages and
potent blood abilities, their powers have little significance without a domain
to control. Blooded characters who control kingdoms are blessed with a
mystical connection to the land--a right to rule that infuses them with
supernatural powers, responsibilities, and benefits.

NO ONE KNOWS HOW this bond between ruler and domain occurs, but some scholars
believe it is connected to the powers of CONFIDENCE AND BELIEF--IN EFFECT, THE
the semi-divine blood of a noble scion RESPONDS TO THE ALLEGIANCE of his
followers in the same way that a true deity gains strength from worshippers.
[Not my lonely idea after all...] Kings and nobles aren't the only rulers
blessed with this mystical ability. CHARISMATIC priests derive the same kind
of power from the CONFIDENCE of their congregations. Merchant-princes and
guildmasters enjoy the same CONFIDENCE of those who work for them or pay them
tribute. Even wizards gain power from the RESPECT of the masses.

[Perhaps the only weakness, as Source holdings are negatively affected my "the
masses, but remember that they gain RP from ruling provinces too.]

Because every ruler and every domain is unique, the people of Cerilia refer to
these individuals as regents. In this sense of the word, they're stewards of
power who hold both the TRUST of the people and responsibility for the land.
The mystic power that regents derive from their stewardship is known as divine
right, karma, or nobility--but it's most commonly and correctly call

In game terms, regency is measured by a Regency Points (RP) score, just like
hit points and bloodline score. Not all blooded characters gain a Regency
Point score--//only regents amass a Regency Point score!// Scions who choose
not to rule domains NEVER gain Regency Points, nor do character WITHOUT A

A ruler's Regency Points can be used to increase the power of his bloodline
possibly gaining new blood abilities) or to increase the success of ruling his
domain (described in Part II).


I think it's both. After his conversion to the Way of Tim, I'm sure that isn't what Mr. Cooper wants to hear. Think of
Arthur as protrayed in Excalibur. This is what the designers (and myself) had (have) in mind. The Regent has a mystical
connection to the land sure- he needs it to be the true king- er, Regent. But he doesn't sit on the throne mentally
willing things to get done to spend RPs, nor does he perform some type of vulcan mind-meld with another regent to transfer
RPs. Things get done, or done easier because people have CONFIDENCE in the characters family/lineage (bloodline). Lesser
nobles (scions) and the people (commoners) have ALLEGIANCE to a Regent they have a certain CONFIDENCE AND BELIEF in him
(his current RP score). Spending or transferring RPs represents using this political capital. Calling in the favors of other nobles. Holding lesser scions to their yearly duty to the crown or scutage. Inspiring the commoners to greater
efforts in the war or project "X".

Even incompetents and tyrants still amass RP. Some still BELIEVE or TRUST in him (heck, lots of people thought
Reagen was the
best thing since cheese whiz) or his family line. Others families have always had FEALTY and ALLEGIANCE to the despots
throne and they serve because of dogged loyalty- or any of a dozen other reasons. Tyrants may have the fear and RESPECT
of the people and the sniveling or forced ALLEGIANCE of others. Still others may have CONFIDENCE or BELIEF that following
the tyrant Regents will be their (or even the realms!) path to power.

Does this make sense? A Regent needs a bloodine to instill the confidence (no more caps- please!) and trust, or perhaps
traditional oaths of fealty, needed to rule. This connection to the land and its people is mystical, invisible and, in
story terms, somewhat immeasurable. In game mechanic terms it's the RP score and collection/expenditure process.